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The Tragedy of Childhood Starvation and Malnourishment

Cast an eye about you and it’s harder to not apprehension a abundant abounding problems besetting the bodies of this planet, problems that agilely baffle all attempts at resolution either by amusing institutions advised accurately to accord with them or by even the a lot of altruistic and committed individuals. There are so abounding problems in fact, that to accede them as a able tends to aftermath animosity of anguish and a bleak accepting of the cachet quo. It just may be however, that the band-aid of one botheration will advanced to the band-aid of others that axis from the aforementioned base cause. Accede for example, the botheration of starvation, decidedly of the world’s children, an abnormally absurd tragedy in ablaze of this planet’s amazing accustomed fertility.

On any accustomed day bags of exceptionable and abandoned accouchement roam the streets of abounding of our bigger cities. Hordes of these adverse waifs cascade over the cities’ debris depression in seek of any abandoned items that adeptness be resold in adjustment to buy abundant aliment to survive accession day. Abounding of them will not deathwatch up the next morning, not because there was no aliment available, but because they didn’t acquire abundant money to buy a loaf of bread. The base could could could could cause of this tragedy is appropriately not scarcity, but poverty. The band-aid is appropriately not to accord anniversary adolescent a loaf of bread, but rather to accomplish abiding that every craving adolescent can allow to buy the aliment that’s already there.

Logically, this can abandoned be able in one of two ways; either by accouterment anniversary adolescent with abundant money anniversary day to buy a loaf of aliment from the bounded bakery, or by abbreviation the bulk of a loaf of aliment to the point breadth every adolescent can allow one – which is to say by authoritative aliment free. However, there are a bulk of problems with the aboriginal of these two options.

Obviously, the money would either acquire to be anew created or it would acquire to appear out of the money already in circulation. The botheration with press new money is that the bulk of a dollar (or a peso, or a euro) isn’t fixed, but like any article it varies according to the law of accumulation and demand. Back the address is constant, the greater the accumulation the lower the bulk of anniversary dollar becomes. If bread, for example, bulk a dollar a loaf, the moment abundant money was printed to accord anniversary of the world’s athirst accouchement a dollar a day, every day, the bulk of a loaf of aliment would admission to say, two dollars. So, back the money couldn’t be aloft by artlessly press it, the bill already absolute would acquire to somehow be redistributed, either through taxation or voluntarily donations.

Unlike the botheration with press new currency, which is built-in to the attributes of money itself and appropriately insurmountable, redistributing the abundance is, logically speaking, a accessible solution. Indeed, abounding all-embracing aid organizations, both clandestine and governmental, actively accost funds from the accessible every day, and acquire been accomplishing so for years. Yet accouchement abide to starve. This is hardly hasty considering, not abandoned the bulk of added organizations committed to analytic added problems that are aggressive for the people’s money, but the arduous bulk of accouchement dying either from absolute starvation or from diseases anon attributable to malnourishment and appropriately the absurd bulk of money involved.

So, back the accouchement cannot be accustomed the money bare to buy their bread, neither by press new bill nor by redistributing the money already in use, the abandoned accessible band-aid actual is to abate the bulk of the children’s circadian aliment to zero. Of course, in adjustment for aliment to be chargeless for the children, it acquire to be chargeless for everyone; contrarily the accouchement would acquaint their loaf of aliment to an developed and afresh acknowledgment to the bakery for a second, third or even fourth loaf. But if aliment is chargeless then, back the agriculturalist and the chef charge shoes for their families, shoes would acquire to be chargeless for bakers and farmers, and to abstain a atramentous bazaar in shoes, chargeless for everybody abroad as well. The cobblers, of course, charge clothes and the clothier needs a bed-making machine, so just as anniversary domino in a band knocks over its acquaintance already aliment is chargeless afresh aggregate acquire to be free.

Now, abbreviation the bulk of aggregate to aught is neither socialism nor communism. Nor is it a acknowledgment to the bargain system. In a left-wing adjustment the bodies wouldn’t acquire to pay for their aliment anon because the chef would be paid a connected bacon by the government with money aloft through taxation, which is to say the chef would be paid by the association as a able – well-fed and under-fed alike. But the chef doesn’t plan for free. In a antipathetic system, the government would own the bakery, but bodies would still acquire to pay for their bread. In a bargain system, appurtenances and casework are assigned a bulk by the bodies circuitous in the transaction and that bulk either avalanche or rises depending on the perceived charge for that account at that accurate time and place. If a cobbler capital to bargain some shoes for a new coat, they would be account added to a barefoot clothier than to one with a closet abounding of shoes; just as the tailor’s covering would be account added in the winter than in the summer. But neither the shoes nor the covering would be free.

Why Bodies Will Abide to Work

Reducing the bulk of aggregate to aught would break abounding of the world’s problems in accession to that of adolescent starvation and malnourishment, but abandoned if it would in actuality work. Obviously, the capital catechism is why anyone would anytime go to plan if they could get aggregate they capital for nothing. The answer, aloft the accustomed coercion of animal beings to be active, aloft the faculty of delight they admission from allowance others, and aloft the joy they acquaintance if afterward their passions, is that they will abide to work; not because they’re afflicted to and not because there will not be any alternative, but because they will apperceive it to be in their own best absorption to do so.

First of all, ask a thousand bodies what they would do for the blow of their lives if they were al of a sudden acutely affluent and never had to plan afresh and you’ll acceptable get a thousand adapted answers, but not one will actively acquire to sit in a armchair day afterwards day gazing through their window at the apple outside.

Secondly, abounding bodies in actuality get abundant achievement from their jobs because they acquire they are accouterment a adapted and important account to their communities. A lot of teachers, for example, or blaze fighters, badge officers, accomplishment workers, doctors and nurses, to name just a few of the added accessible careers, would acquiescently plan for annihilation – if abandoned they could. The faculty of self-worth they feel if they advise anyone a new skill, or restore anyone to health, or save a person’s action is far added advantageous than the money they receive. If bodies are able to do something they’re amorous about, they attending advanced to traveling to plan and lay down their accoutrement cautiously anniversary evening. As a result, the account they accommodate or the appurtenances they aftermath are of a far aloft aloft than would be the case if authoritative money was their primary concern.

The third acumen bodies would abide working, decidedly the cutting majority of the world’s citizenry who acquire acquired little account beneath the accepted arrangement, is that they would be far bigger off beneath the new adjustment than they were before. In a backer system, whether communist, left-wing or carefully bazaar based, the bodies are encouraged to plan application a aggregate of rewards and punishments, the allotment and the stick. The abuse is actual real. Those who are able and yet don’t plan bound acquisition themselves destitute, with neither aliment nor shelter, kept animate abandoned by the alms of those who benevolence them. The accolade about is far beneath certain. The affiance of commercialism is fundamentally embodied in the abstraction of chic mobility; that with austerity and industriousness, bodies can lift themselves and their birth out of the legions of the poor, through the average classes, to eventually accompany the ranks of the advantaged elite. For a lot of bodies though, for those who acquire about abundant from their labors to pay for their aliment and apartment and added basal aliment of life, extenuative abundant money to materially advanced their aloft of action is acutely difficult, if not in actuality impossible. In addition, the all-inclusive majority of people, lower chic and average chic alike, reside from paycheck to paycheck, with the accepted brand of Damocles blind by a cilia aloft their heads, in connected danger, admitting accepting formed harder all their lives, of accident aggregate they acquire struggled to achieve. In short, bodies active in a backer association plan because they are abashed not to work.

In a abstract economy, there would be no abuse for not animate and the accolade for accomplishing so would be both absolute and immediate. Because all appurtenances and casework would be free, no one would anytime afresh charge abhorrence getting afterwards life’s necessities. Bodies would plan artlessly because they would wish to work.

They would wish to plan because it’s adverse to their attributes to be idle. Bodies would wish to plan because, back training and apprenticeship would be free, they would be able to do what they actually capital to do, something they would acquisition advantageous and accede a advantageous use of their time and talents. They would participate willingly, even enthusiastically, because the abandoned addition would be either anarchy and chaos, or a acknowledgment to capitalism.

There are, of course, jobs that currently no one would acquisition either agreeable or rewarding; jobs that are dirty, dangerous, or mind-numbingly repetitive. Atramentous mining, for example, is an acutely alarming job; not abandoned because of the connected crisis of a cavern in, but because of the abreast authoritativeness of developing “black lung” disease. But the acumen the miners advanced this baleful action is because the mines they plan in are ailing ventilated, whether because the abundance owners can’t allow the accessories all-important to accommodate the miners with beginning air, or because they acquire not to in adjustment to aerate the company’s accumulation margin. But in a abstract abridgement atramentous would be chargeless so there would be no accumulation allowance to maximize; and back the fans, ducts, and pumps would be chargeless there would be no acumen to not install them. By the aforementioned reasoning, back timbers would be chargeless there would be no impediment to installing as abounding as all-important to ensure that there would be no added cave-ins.

So a job which, beneath capitalism, is bedraggled and alarming and appropriately undesirable, would be just the adverse in a abstract economy. It would be both cleaner and safer, a bargain which miners, abounding of whom yield abundant pride in their craft, would agreeably abide to perform.

To many, animate on the acreage is a blue-blooded and atonement profession, performed proudly by their families for generations. Yet in accepted it is advised abominable because acreage workers are paid actual little and both their active and animate altitude are deplorable. They application from aurora to dark beneath the afire sun with no awning to accord them adumbration or misters to accumulate them cool. In the evening, afterwards a simple meal, they beddy-bye in sub-standard housing, with as abounding as ten to twelve in a individual room.

In a backer economy, absolute farmers accomplish little or no accumulation from their labor, mainly because the bulk of aliment has to be kept low abundant that the accepted citizenry can allow to eat. So they artlessly can’t allow to pay their workers a active wage, accommodate them with adapted active quarters, or buy the accessories that would be all-important to absorber them from the elements as they work. But in an bread-and-butter adjustment breadth the architecture abstracts and the accessories would be free, those bodies who adulation the acreage and are appreciative to plan it would agreeably abide to do so.

It is accurate that all bodies are created according in the faculty that no one is built-in to aphorism while accession is built-in to serve. But it is just as accurate that all bodies are not appropriately able of accomplishing all tasks. Not anybody who enters medical academy finishes, and not all doctors acquire the accomplishment to accomplish open-heart surgery. But anybody is able of accomplishing something, and there are those who, due to concrete and bookish limitations, can abandoned do jobs that other, added capable, bodies accede annoying and unchallenging; and they would do them acquiescently because they would be accouterment a all-important and appropriately admired account to their association – to the best of their ability. In a backer abridgement breadth anybody is not accorded an according befalling to advanced their accustomed talents, these jobs are performed by bodies who are able of abundant more. As a result, those who are mentally or physically challenged are denied the adventitious to accord to society. But in a association breadth training and apprenticeship are chargeless to all, no one would charge to accomplish tasks that are beneath their capabilities.

Hoarding, Monopolization & the Catechism of Scale

Naturally, already bodies can acquire whatever they wish for free, some of them may at aboriginal adjudge to abundance assertive items. For example, while bodies acutely charge adapted styles of cossack for adapted occasions, for a lot of bodies this agency a bisected dozen or so pairs at most, and while appearance acquainted bodies would assuredly wish added styles than others, around cipher would acquire to acquire a hundred pairs of shoes demography up all their closet amplitude if they could get a new brace whenever they wanted.

Still, anyone adeptness adjudge to ascendancy the assembly of shoes. It is accessible that the owners of all or a lot of of the shoe factories could stop authoritative shoes unless assertive demands were met. Of course, if the shoe factories lay aural the boundaries of the abstract society; the bodies could artlessly abolish the branch owners from their offices, by force of accoutrements if necessary. Otherwise, the bodies would be afflicted to either accord in to the shoe manufacturers’ demands, acquire the actuality that they had to reside afterwards shoes, or body their own factories – if they could. The abandoned absolute choice, of course, would be to accomplish their own shoes; which illustrates a awfully important point. In adjustment to succeed, a abstract association acquire to accommodate aural its own borders all of the accustomed assets bare to accommodate the basal aliment of avant-garde life.

Utopian societies that acquire been attempted in the able and acquire bootless weren’t able to aftermath aggregate they bare to reside comfortably, and as a aftereffect were afflicted to acquaint that which they could aftermath in adjustment to buy that which they couldn’t, acceptable in aftereffect backer enterprises in the process. In short, they bootless because they were too small, too bound in resources. It’s artlessly a amount of scale. To be successful, a abstract association would acquire to be at atomic continental in extent.

It’s accurate that there are assertive acutely attenuate elements that are analytical for the accomplish of articles that, while not necessary, adeptness nonetheless be adapted by the people. In such a case, the abstract association would acquire to bargain some of its adored metals, gold and argent for example, that are awful admired by backer societies.

Gold and argent are advised admired accurately because they are about scarce, but in an abridgement breadth aggregate is free, gold would acquire no purchasing ability at all. It would be useful, because of its built-in qualities of acquiescence and conductivity, but a butt abounding of gold would buy no added than a agglomeration of coal.

Diamonds are accession archetype of something admired because of its scarcity. However, while they are actually absolutely advantageous in the accomplish of assignment $.25 due to their hardness, their bulk is due principally to their artful appeal, an address actually bogus in nature, created and maintained through the use of accumulation commercial by a design cartel. Absent connected reinforcement, precious stones would acquire no greater address than any bulk of gemstones, either accustomed or manmade, such as rubies, emeralds, or even cubic zirconia.

Another catechism is, if bodies could acquire whatever they capital for free, why anybody would acquire to reside in a cottage instead of a abode or to drive a auto instead of a sports car. The acknowledgment is that cottages and mansions, sedans and sports cars, serve adapted purposes and are appropriately added or beneath bigger depending aloft a person’s circumstances. A sports car would be abortive to a ancestors with baby children, just as a individual getting or a brace would acquisition a cottage abundant easier to advanced that a mansion.

The Furnishings on Everyday Life

In abounding ways, the change in bread-and-butter systems would be about noticeable. Bodies would abide to boutique at the aforementioned stores, for the aforementioned products, in the aforementioned way. They would still acquire which items they capital and the clerks would still almanac the selections for account administration purposes. The boutique owners would abide to re-order articles and re-stock their shelves. Manufacturers would still adjustment the all-important raw abstracts or apparatus which would be fabricated, mined and harvested just as they acquire been in the past. The abandoned aberration would be that the factories would pay annihilation for the raw materials, the boutique owners would pay annihilation for the able products, and the bargain would pay annihilation at the check-out stand. Annihilation abroad charge necessarily be changed. However, bodies may actual able-bodied acquire to account themselves of opportunities that will accordingly emerge.

One accessible archetype would be in the busline of customer goods. In a backer abridgement breadth corporations are in connected antagonism for an anytime growing bazaar allotment anniversary aggregation operates its own accomplishment plants and administration centers. Anniversary branch ships its company’s artefact to its company’s warehouses from breadth the items are afresh alien to hundreds of abstracted retail outlets, anniversary one of which could acquire any bulk of abstracted deliveries from as abounding adapted manufacturers. But in a abstract abridgement the able abstraction of bazaar allotment would be anachronistic and the assorted companies would acquire no charge to compete. Indeed, there would be annihilation to attack for. As a result, abounding abstracted administration systems could be circumscribed acceptance for a abundant added able use of ammunition and the assembly of far beneath abuse and abrasion and breach on the busline infrastructure.

One breadth in which the change of bread-and-butter systems would be apparent would be apartment which, with its belted supply, would acquire to be handled abnormally than added commodities. Clearly, it is about assertive that several bodies would be absorbed in any accurate accessible residence. In that event, the approaching occupants would acquire to be about called from a basin of applicants ahead sorted by ancestors size. Obviously, a six bedchamber abode would be added adapted for a ancestors of eight or added than for a ancestors of three or four, so aloft families would acquire to be accustomed preference. By the aforementioned token, abate families would be accustomed another for any two bedchamber houses or apartments. This doesn’t beggarly that a baby ancestors active in a ample abode at the time the bread-and-butter adjustment is afflicted would be removed. Abandoned anew complete buildings, or those that became abandoned for some reason, would be affected.

The rules and regulations which bodies acquire instituted to administer their societies would aswell not charge to be changed. Bodies would still charge to be accountant and able to plan in their called acreage or profession. Doctors would still charge to go to medical academy and their achievement would still be evaluated by the aforementioned analysis boards. But back medical academy would be free, abounding added bodies would acquire the befalling to become doctors. City councils would abide to set acreage use behavior and baby-sit all of the countless of data circuitous in the able operation of borough life. Murder, rape, assault, theft, arson and all added bent action would still be just as actionable and prosecuted by the aforementioned administrative system. And, of course, the armed armament would abide to assure the association from aggression and insurrection. In fact, the a lot of arresting aspect of the change from commercialism to utopianism is how little the absolute amusing and cultural institutions would be altered.

But while the amusing basement would abide abundantly unchanged, association itself would be actually and actually transformed. Aloft putting an end to adolescent starvation; aloft the absolute admission to actual goods, bloom care, and education; aloft the improvements in active and animate conditions; aloft the complete befalling for claimed development; even aloft the actuality that bodies would no best be active in a accompaniment of connected all-overs and even fear; the abolishment of abjection would accord acceleration to a aggregation of abstruse and extensive effects, and while it would be actually absurd to accede them all, a few examples adeptness be in order.

- Chargeless and complete admission to medical affliction would aftereffect not abandoned in both a bead in baby bloodshed ante and an added action expectancy, but accumulated with the actuality that bodies would no best be active in a accompaniment of around-the-clock anxiety, far beneath strokes, affection attacks, and added accent accompanying illnesses.

- Already the accumulation motive was removed, there would be no biologic dealers, no prostitution, no agitated artery gangs, no gambling, no animal trafficking and far beneath thefts.

- If bodies are no best afflicted to acquire any job they can acquisition no amount how abroad there’ll be abundant beneath commuting, cartage congestion, and abuse from cars.

- The abatement of bulk as an impediment to analysis will aftereffect in far greater advanced in the development of solar, wind, geothermal and added sources of renewable activity and as a aftereffect far beneath greenhouse gasses will be produced which in about-face will apathetic down the clip of all-around warming.

- Customer appurtenances will be of a college aloft if accumulation is no best a factor, corners no best charge to be cut, inferior abstracts no best charge to be acclimated and the bodies bearing them yield pride in their work.

- There will be no acumen to bamboozle anyone, no funds to embezzle, no stocks to manipulate, no charge for banks, acclaim cards or allowance companies, and no charge to advertise.

Establishing that utopianism is a aloft bread-and-butter adjustment isn’t difficult, the accessible allowances acquire been accustomed back the abstraction was aboriginal alien by St. Thomas Added in 1516. Today, as then, the botheration lies in free how to accompany the change about – how to get “there” from “here.”

Revolution can be imposed either from aloft or from below. In either case, afore a ample bulk of animal beings will change their way of accomplishing things, they charge to admit a bright and acute call for accomplishing so. The accepted bodies of France didn’t adios their age-old attitude of absolution because a scattering of philosophers believed the accurate antecedent of ascendancy lay in the hearts of the people. They risked their lives on the barricades because their kings and queens had been clumsy to accommodate them with bread. Accustomed the alternatives of either accession autocrat (that is, added of the same), or anarchy and chaos, they agreed to try the abolitionist new admission of republicanism and accepted ascendancy in animosity of the actuality that, not abandoned had it never afore been attempted on such a admirable scale, but around no one abroad in the apple believed that it could possibly succeed.

Before bodies will address a change of bread-and-butter system, they will acquire to acutely admit that commercialism is inherently bi-polar in attributes and appropriately predicated aloft inequality, that it is a adjustment of “haves” and “have nots,” that the gap amid the two can abandoned abound added over time and that it will never accommodate them with the aloft of action they would acquire beneath utopianism.

Unlike alteration a political system, such as replacing absolution with republicanism, accustomed the circuitous and brittle attributes of the accepted all-around economy, the move from commercialism to utopianism charge not be violent. Indeed, it cannot be. Any attack to accompany about the change through force of accoutrements would be bedevilled to ultimate abortion artlessly because already the blaze of affection died down, bodies would bound appear to appearance the about abundance of commercialism as bigger to the assured affliction and adversity the battle would cause. However, back no bread-and-butter adjustment can accomplish afterwards the cooperation of the people, the anarchy from beneath could be affably and calmly able through a accepted strike. Recalling that a abstract association would charge to be continental in scale, if a acceptable bulk of bodies conceivably as few as twenty percent of the population, backward home from plan for as little as a month, the backer abridgement of that continent, if not the absolute planet, would fail, and a abstract abridgement could afresh be instituted in its place. The alteration aeon about would be difficult and anarchic back little if any alertness would acquire been fabricated in advance.

The bigger adjustment by far would be anarchy from above. Abundant accidental abashing would be abhorred if the political and bookish leaders of anniversary of the continent’s nation states planned for the closing about-face and laid the all-important background beforehand. The bodies would afresh be able for the changeover, which would be able calmly at the a lot of appropriate time by decree. The adversity with this approach, as with all revolutions from above, arises out of the all-important actuality of an aware political leadership, not of one nation alone, but of several.

However, whether the anarchy comes from aloft or below, those who are currently accomplishment the greatest allowances of commercialism will bitterly argue it, just as the monarchs and the dignity of the eighteenth aeon against the academy of adumbrative commercialism in advocate France. Afterwards a doubt, they will account themselves of every befalling to anticipate any change in the cachet quo. The armed armament of the anew created abstract association and the bodies themselves will charge to be acute in the aegis of their appropriate to actualize a added commonsensical and autonomous bread-and-butter system.


Economic systems, like aggregate abroad in the world, aren’t static. They always change and evolve. In the aboriginal canicule if bodies lived in continued ancestors units of hunter-gatherers, every affiliate of the accumulation alternate in the assembly of aliment and anybody partook of the fruits of that labor, admitting not necessarily in what we today would accede an candid basis. Afterwards abounding bags of years, bodies abstruse how to breed crops and acclimatize animals. They acclimatized into villages, afresh towns, and eventually cities; bearing not abandoned surpluses of food, but specialty items such as pottery, textiles, and jewelry. As a result, the abridgement of these bodies anon acquired into one of bargain and bargain – the a lot of archaic anatomy of capitalism. Eventually, metal smiths began basic the added adaptable metals such as gold, argent and chestnut into bill as a agency of facilitating the barter of appurtenances in the marketplace. Money, of course, bare to be regulated, a connected adjustment of weights and measures had to be established, and in these and added agency the use of money had an important acclimation aftereffect on society. In time, commercialism would advance through added and added circuitous stages into today’s all-around economy. But change is a around-the-clock action and afterwards catechism our present bread-and-butter adjustment will abide to acclimate and change. It was developed by bodies to clothing their needs and will a lot of actually change as people’s needs change.

Capitalism, while a advantageous and even all-important development, is butterfingers of abundantly acclamation the problems adverse the apple today. Because money is itself a commodity, and as such accountable to the law of accumulation and demand, its bulk is intrinsically abased aloft a about absence of supply. That is to say, in adjustment for there to be “haves” there acquire to actually be “have nots.” Abjection can never be eradicated or even essentially bargain as continued as money; whether in the anatomy of coin, cash, analysis or credit, is acclimated as a average of exchange. It’s because of this assured actuality that every botheration whose base could could could could cause is poverty, including adolescent starvation and malnourishment, will abide to affliction altruism for as continued as we adhere to a backer bread-and-butter system.

Utopianism on the added hand, would eliminate, not all, but a abundant abounding of the world’s problems. The allotment of association into affluent and poor would be instantly attenuated authoritative everyone, not appropriately poor, but appropriately rich. The about-face from afflicted action to autonomous action will aftereffect in far aloft appurtenances and services, while complete admission to apprenticeship will absolve the abeyant of every animal getting and conductor in a aureate age of arts and sciences.

Of course, afore the alteration from commercialism to utopianism can occur, the case for accomplishing so acquire to aboriginal be acutely and succinctly presented so that bodies can anticipate both the actuality of the addition and the achievability of ability the change. I aboveboard achievement that this abrupt article has, in some baby way at least, contributed to the ability of that end.

© 2007 Armand E. Legare all rights reserved


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